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Getting it right for every child(GIRFEC) GIRFEC was introduced because of the review of the children’s hearing system in 2004. The review recognized that to improve of vulnerable children, agencies need to intervene earlier in a better and more integrated way in response to identified needs and risks and not when a threshold is reached a trigger action. Designed to be threaded through all existing coverage, exercise, approach and law affecting children, young people and their families, GIRFEC is founded on ten key sections which may be implemented in any setting and in any environment: * A focus on improving outcomes for children, young people and their families based on dispense information of welfare * A common technique to seeking…show more content…
Early intervention is not just for early years also providing support and preventing young adults from developing problems, like providing skills, help and support they might need to prevent them from dropping out of school, going into crime, drug use or developing mental health. Principles of Early intervention are • The goals are universal – we want to reduce inequalities in a variety of policy areas, to have the equal results for all and for all to have the same opportunities. • We act to identify those at risk of not accomplishing these outcomes or having these opportunities and act to prevent that risk occurring • We make sustained and effective interventions in cases where these risks have materialised. • We shift the focus from service provision as the vehicle for delivery of outcomes to building the capacity of individuals, families and communities to secure outcomes, and addressing the external barriers which they may face in seeking to maximise their life chances, making use of high quality, accessible public services as
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