What Is Gantt Chart And Explain What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

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Project Management Tools Assignment 1. Define Gantt chart and explain what are its advantages and disadvantages? Answer: Gantt chart: It is also one type of chart which is used to display activities against time in a project or which is used to explain and illustrates working schedule of a project. Advantages of Gantt chart: • Provides a clear view of the project such that what is going on in execution or performing each and evert step. • Displays all the tasks or works against their deadlines including their present status of processing • Provides communication or links for the next status or predecessor task, i.e., what should be done before going to the next step. • Helps to avoid the confusion in the execution of the project. •…show more content…
The best way is that to complete a complete a project efficiently at least one person should assigned a single task. 3. What is the Predecessors column? Why and where it is used? Answer: Predecessor column is a field used in Microsoft project, which shows the task ID or number such that which task should be done or executed before going forward or to the next step in the project. It shows the order of the task to be done. For example in the software development process, testing step unless until the design and implementation steps are completed. In this example the testing task has the predecessor, i.e., design and implementation task. Predecessor column or field is used to avoid the confusion in the task or work execution or processing when the project has multiple tasks or works to be done. 4. Explain about various icons in the Microsoft project 2013 after the Gantt chart icon? Answer: The different after the Gantt chart icon Microsoft project 2013 are task usage, team planner, resource sheet, and report. Task Usage: The task usage icon explains about the task, sub tasks, number of hours worked for the task or subtask, duration of the tasks or subtasks starting and ending dates of the tasks or subtasks in the project and also
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