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What is Gap Year? Gap year, which is also called as prep-year, foundation year, and so on. Gap year, just like the word itself, it always takes a year (usually more) for people to put down what they are doing right now and go on vacation or just do something they would be in love with. When people mentioned gap year, it is always about the year between them graduated from high school and before they start having their college life. The things they are going to do in the gap year will usually be totally different from what they are doing in their normal life. Typically, gap year is travelling around the world. However, nowadays, gap year can be quite different from each other. Some of us may go on a vacation; some may do some internship; Some may just do some volunteer work. Thus, whatever you do, except like usual, for about 12 months, then you have had a gap year. Why we are going to take a Gap Year? “Why we are going to take a Gap Year?” This is the most common question that people asked before they are going to have a gap year. Some of them even have no idea why they have had a gap year. There are lots of reasons for people taking a gap year; some people think gap year is just a time for fun, for them to completely relax themselves, but some of people think that gap year is a great time for them to know the…show more content…
Though, to have a Gap Year have so many benefits, it still has disadvantages, and some of the disadvantages cannot be avoided. To have a gap year, with no doubt, you will lose about one year studying in school or working at a workplace. When you go to college, you will one year older than your classmates. Also, gap year is not free. When you go on vacation in the gap year, you need to spend money on plane tickets, on hotel, on meal and a lot of stuffs. If you do not have a good plan. Run out of money could be the result; it could be the most embarrassed experience you have in your
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