What Is Gender Equality? Essay

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What is gender equality? Gender equality is when both genders, male and female can enjoy the same rights as one another – they are considered each other’s equals. When thinking about gender equality it seems straight forward, both genders are equal – having all the same rights, treated with the same amount of respect. I ask myself why would it be any other way? We are all people at the end of the day, equality should be a given.
Gender empowerment doesn 't mean discrimination; it only means equality.”
― Mohith Agadi
This however isn’t the case and both genders are being discriminated against during our everyday lives. They are often not considered equals but pitted against each other and made to look as enemies. For this we can only thank ourselves, we have allowed this not only to happen in the first place but to continue for centuries. The media plays a major part in this, by displaying each gender in specific roles to fit the ideas that have been placed on them since the beginning of time. But it can’t all be negative, slowly the population is making positive changes to how we view one another and even the media is climbing on board.
During this essay, I will explore what part the media plays in relation to gender roles, comparing both male and female imagery that is pushed on us daily. I will explain how the media has played its part in preventing gender equality and my views on what we can do to make a change. I will also take time to point out the positive people
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