What Is Gender Russignment

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A transsexual as referred in the book is a person who believes that he or she was born with the body of the gender. This term can also be related to a person who has gone through the operation or before. A conditioned called Dysphoria is where unhappiness, or dissatisfaction with one’s gender. A transgender as referred in the book is a category including transsexuals, also those who think of themselves as a third gender, or transvestites. There are two types of transsexuals, one born with male structured bodies with an identity of a women. The other one is who is born with a female structured body with the identity of a male.
MTF or FTM The most transsexuals that have gotten help are male to female transsexuals.
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This is proceeded in many stages. The community of the transsexual community look at this as the process of crossing. The first step to this process is counseling and psychological evaluation. With the very first step it is very important that the person b belongs in a transsexual community. A person whose identity does not match her body frame. Sometimes people mistakenly reach out to gender reassignment. An example is if the man is not well off or someone who is unhappy and isn’t successful might think it’s better if he is a woman. It is really important that a transsexual is a true transsexual. The next step is hormone therapy. If she is a trans women she will get estrogen given to her and they have to stay on it for life. This process will help them produce more feminization. Breasts are enlarged and the hips become rounded. With time the erections become less frequent. If it is a trans man he is given androgens which makes them more masculinization. The voice will become deeper and a beard will grow in. The clitoris will become enlarged but it will not be the size of a penis. The breast can be removed by…show more content…
Sometimes it is never really shown until the person dies and they found out he has a female body. Sometimes the transsexuals are bisexual. They can be attracted to women and men or both genders. In some situations, they are confused deciding what they really are. Their mind can be saying they are a women and the body tells them they are a male. The gender reassignment process helps them to accept their new gender role. They have to go through counseling and evaluation to help them. Also some go through surgery’s while some option out of the surgery part. They have to live in a community to see how they fit in with the new gender role. Scientists have yet to discover why someone becomes transsexual. There are many theories to this it can be developed in childhood or maybe at
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