What Is Genetic Engineering?

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What is genetic engineering? Genetic engineering is the modification of an organisms genetic composition by artificial mans, it often involves the transferring a specific traits- genes from one organism to the other- this could be a plant or an animal. It is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genes- the genetic material. What is genetic engineering used for? It is used to change the genetic makeup of cells which spontaneously includes the transfer of genes within and across species. Genetic engineering is also used to mass produce insulin, human growth hormones, follistim (which is used for treating infertility), human albumin, monoclonal antibodies, antihemophillic factors, vaccines and many other drugs. Genetic engineering: • Produces an unique set of genes • Genes can be swapped/ exchanged across species Genetic engineering, sometimes also referred as genetic modification, it is the process of altering the DNA in an organism’s genome. This may mean changing one base pair (A-T or C-G), deleting a whole region of DNA, or introducing an additional copy of a gene. It may also mean extracting DNA from another organism’s genome and combining it with the DNA of that individual. Genetic engineering is used by scientists to enhance or modify the characteristics of an individual organism. Genetic engineering can be applied to any organism, from a virus to a sheep.
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