What Is Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Essay

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The idea of being sexually pure is a repetitive comment in Kincaid’s piece, and plays into importance of not giving into your sexual desires for society to respect one woman. The piece continues to portray that her sexual drive has to be in control and there is a certain way to address it while in a romantic relationship with a man. In fact, the piece also narrates how a woman should address all different types of people, in different ways. The daughter, whether she is having an internal conversation with her mother, is only heard twice in the piece. The first time, she is trying to stand up for her rights and her own feelings, however, that is turned around on her through an acquisition. She attempts again towards the end of the poem, trying to clarify the advice but instead is answered through a rhetorical question, depicting that the girl has learned nothing from the advice given if she has to ask that question. The whole plot of the piece is explained through this last rhetorical question, “you mean to say that after all you are really going to be the kind of woman who the baker won’t let near the bread?” (Kincaid 1). Concluding that the short story "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid proposes that women are sentenced to a male centric society as a result of socially…show more content…
The toy - a barbie, is the first playful interaction a girl gets which lays out unrealistic ideas for her future self as an adult. As a society, we have moved past the point where women have to act like stay at home domestic servants but women are still confined to fulfilling their role as a woman regardless of if they are working a job or stay at home moms/housewives. Even if you hold a job as a woman, you are still expected to come home and clean the house, cook and take care of any other domestic duties that are required of
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