What Is Good Communication?

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What Is Good Communication? Communication contexts One to one discussion: A one to one discussion takes place between two individuals, by which they communicate with one another. An example of when this may take place is a confidential discussion between a health care professional such as a nurse practitioner and a service user. This would be a one to one discussion because there are only two people involved in this discussion. Argyle’s theory could be used to make a one to one conversation more effective by helping the professional to consciously go through the seven steps of the communication cycle in order for the information to be processed effectively. Argyles theory can also help the professional take into account factors that…show more content…
Stage 2- Storming At the beginning of the discussion make it clear who is the leader to avoid power struggles which could upset the discussion. Also ensure people do not subdivide in order to avoid miscommunication between groups. Stage 3- Norming To achieve goals of norming assure people have developed common ground to develop trust, values and beliefs. Also to ensure expectations and norms of each other have been shared allow the group to discuss these factors at the beginning of the discussion. Stage 4- Performing Allow people to connect as a group to share values and norms in order to perform tasks effectively. Stage 5- Adjourning To assure activity throughout the discussion and that the discussion ends well. A way must be found to find an acceptable way for the group members to part. Informal discussion between professionals and service users: An informal discussion between professionals and service users employs a relaxed, friendly and everyday language to communicate between a professional and a service user to allow for a more comfortable and unofficial environment. An example of where this may take place is in a hospital between a play specialist and a young service user. The play specialist will use informal language such as slang when helping to describe a
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