What Is Good Human Being Or Shall We Say Famous Too?

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Do you all know somebody who is really rich or shall we say famous too? Is that individual very confident, social, joyful, and amongst other traits that define good human being(s) – the epitome of our mainstream success. Or does this individual have conflicting stress issues with his or her life, involved in mid-life crisis, and/or unsure of his or her purpose in life? Whatever it may be, it all depends from person to person. In our day and age, mainstream marketing and social media have effectively transformed the millennial generation into accepting that “Success” beholds the luxurious lives of billionaires, owners of big real-estate, trendy cars, fashion, owners of high-tech gear, having loads of money, and above all the “feeling of…show more content…
However this can be easily overstated, exaggerated or even falsified for real life purposes. True success lies within the beholders’ values, morals and standards towards life. With true success comes respect, appreciation for others, humbleness, and above all integrity; some of which are the most prominent human traits that are often difficult to achieve even through mid-life. And with the type of marketing schemes and scamming techniques nowadays, one can lose out on morality quite easily in the event that modern marketers deceive us, manipulate our thoughts, to even arrogate our independence. Whatever it may be – “Success” lies within the beholder’s inner thoughts and can be perceived through the materialistic world of happiness or the rare but yet genuine human traits that lead to happiness. In our day and age, we all have had instances where bad marketing behavior has knocked on our doors. These marketers realize that the common public is the target to be manipulated thus demonstrate an image that some of humanity would die for; one which includes pursuit of money, fame, success, wealth. These are all good perks of life and necessities to live on and carry a legacy. But, in the event that this type of marketing is done through of manipulation brings in the topic of character and personality traits. When
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