What Is Good Practice?

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What is good practice?

Good practice can be referred to as a collection over time of specific methods that produce results that are in accordance with the values of the principle of those practices. In other words, a good practice is simply a process or a way(s) of doing things that represents the most good enough way of reaching a specific goal. A good practice is not only a practice that is good, but a practice that has been proven to work well and produce positive results, and is therefore recommended as a guide.

Some Judging requirement for good practice selections are as follows;

a. Successful and Effective: A good practice is said to be successful and effective if it has proven its strategic relevance as the most effective way of achieving a specific goals, and if it has been successfully changed a little and got better and has had a positive effect on peoples or communities.

b. Environmentally, socially able to last and can be practiced cheaply: A good practice meets with demands, extremely important needs without reducing or interfering with the ability to face or deal with future needs/demands.

c. Gender sensitivity: a description of a good practice must show actors, men and women involved in the process, were able to improve their living.

d. Technically (able to be done): technical (ability to actually be done) is the main basis of a good practice it must be easy to learn and put into use.

e. Basically and mostly…

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