What Is Google Glass?

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What is Google Glass?
Google Glass has been coined as “Smart Eyewear” by Google 21. It is wearable technology that allows hands-free, voice-command, use of maps, camera, Google search, and over 40 other applications available for the device today. The original version available for purchase in April 2013 was recognized as one of Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of the year 2012,” and had a testing phase that invited 8,000 volunteers to purchase, attend training, and test the device. The price may be considered a bit steep by non-techie junkies, but the $1,500 certainly did not hinder the early Glass users. Google has since opened its online stores for all interested buyers, with recent media advertising high-end frame variety offered by brand names such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. However, the Latin Post mentioned that recent sales resulted in less-than-expected volumes due to increased concern about privacy and comfort in using the device in public, which has created setbacks for the tech giant 20. According to Google’s technical specifications section of its website, the 1.51-ounce device has an Android operating system with a high resolution display “equivalent to a 25-inch high definition screen seen from eight feet away” 21. Up to 12GB of storage is available, which syncs with Google Cloud storage, and a typical user can get about one day of battery life if applications like video recording are kept at a minimum. Finally, the device can be used with both Android and
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