What Is Gucci Mane Essay

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A famous rapper, Radric Delantic Davis, mostly know as his stage name Gucci Mane is one of the most known rappers of today from Atlanta. Gucci Mane has gone through rough times but he has had managed to become successful through the last years to now. Gucci Mane’s life was a rough road but without his wife Keyshia Ka’oir Davis there would be no career in Gucci Mane’s life.
Gucci Mane was born on the twelfth of February of nineteen-eighty in Bessemer, Alabama. Gucci Mane’s dad is Ralph Everett Dudley and his mom is Vicky Jean Davis. His daddy was also known as “Gucci Mane” he was the “OG.” Gucci got his last name from his momma because his daddy was not around when he was born to give him his last name which is “Dudley” so he took his
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Davis is a platinum selling rapper he began writing his remarkable music. His music altered the course of hip hop. Every success was followed by a setback. Incarceration, violence, rap beefs, and drug addiction all took place in Gucci’s life. But Gucci Mane has learned from his mistakes and is changing for his future. Throughout his life, he loved to rap with his friends and cousins but never actually tried to career in music since he was into all the bad stuff in Atlanta. One day, he decided to go check out the rap “game.” He feel in love with rap and made many mixtapes. Many people began to recognize him and started to listen to his music. His friends would help him out by selling drugs and giving the customers a free CD. Some of the Atlantic people would not want the CD but eventually ended up hearing it. Gucci has been nominated in the BET awards 3 times. In 2017, he collaborated with Fifth Harmony and won a VMA award for best pop video for the song “Down.” Gucci Mane has also collaborated with many other artists such as Migos. Migos is a trio; Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. Gucci met them long before they were really famous. He really liked their vocals so Gucci invited them into his squad “The Brick Squad.” Gucci Mane had 11 albums and many mixtapes. His recent album came out on October 2017 “Mr. Davis.” Since then, Gucci has been a successful…show more content…
They got happily married on October 17, 2017. When Gucci Mane was in jail May 2016, Ka’oir explained how her and Gucci got together, the way they completely avoided the paparazzi after his release from jail, and her hopes for their shared future together. Keyshia Ka’oir mentions that Gucci saw her for the first time on “Timberblake’s music video.” He called [his manager] Amina at that moment, and asked her who “Keyshia Ka’oir” was he wanted to meet her. He told his manager “I need to meet her, I am getting out soon, and I need her for my next video, You need to find her.” Ka’oir received a call immediately, she was asked to meet with Gucci and at first denies his invite but Gucci “kept asking,” so eventually she said yes to meet him. (Watch) Keyshia Ka’oir stuck by his side throughout the years he was still into the bad stuff because she knew he deep down he was a great person. Gucci Mane was not the best person for her but she was there either way. He eventually learned from his mistakes and changed not only for himself but for Keyshia Ka’oir because he knew she was the one. Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir had a successful wedding. Many artists, family and friends attended their 1.7 million dollar worth
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