What Is Hagwon Offers Better Opportunities For South Korean Students Essay

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I am going to investigate whether Hagwon offers better opportunities for South Korean students in this educationally hypercompetitive society or not. Hagwon is a Korean word for supplemental education. But different from usual cram schools, Hagwon provides more supplementary education on regular school curriculum, topics that are not covered in the school and preparation for universities entrance exams.
Almost every Korean parent believes “Korean has few natural resources, we don’t have much land, the only resource we have is people. So anyone who wants to be successful really has to stand out. [Chakrabarti]” Due to the assistance by the supplemental education, the percentage of secondary graduation for South Korean students is about 92% during 2015 and 2016. In 2012 Program for International Student Assessment mean score chart, South Korean students’ scores are a lot higher than the United States and OECD Average. The mathematics mean score is about 555, reading is about 535 and science is nearly reached 540. From the statistics above, we can see that supplemental education really offers South Korean students better opportunities since their examination scores are very important for them to be successful in the future.

But on the other hand, South Korean supplemental education still have some disadvantages. For example, students are often under a huge amount of pressure and do not have enough rest time for themselves due there is a second shift of school. Hye-Min Park is
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