What Is Happiness?

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Undoubtedly, happiness is the most important part in our lives. But if you ask different individuals what is happiness, there are absolutely a wide variety of answers you would hear. It is difficult to define happiness because it means different things to different people. Like such, obtaining happiness can vary people to people and it can shape what their lifelong goals and dream are. Usually, happiness can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment or sometimes a feeling of self-fulfilment. If you ask someone the meaning of happiness, he or she will pause for a time because the description of happiness is very complicated. Whether It would be having wealth, fame or fortune, the definition of happiness will vary people to people …show more content…
That’s when I realized unlike other people who had a more rigid path in life they wanted to follow; I would instead follow a path where events and opportunities would just happen and I would decide on where that would take me. Although like my parents, such an attitude I came to develop was viewed as just being unambitious and goalless, I wanted to live my life as such due to fact I would never be disappointed or scared on failure if I couldn’t achieve the next objective I would have in an otherwise, goal-driven life. Not that I wanted to be a slacker who will never have any achievement, I had goals in mind however for failing to achieve goals wasn’t the end of the world for me, I would always keep in mind that I would be living my life without regrets and without any remorse for my coarse of actions and decisions. Happiness, in my eyes would ultimately mean being positive, living my life to the fullest and always looking at the positives instead of the negatives.
In conclusion, life can be complicated, and happiness is no exception. However happiness is what drives us to have so many goals and its happiness that we all want in the end. We may all have different methods to achieve happiness but with a word with such a complex and difficult meaning, we must all look at it as simple and deviatory as possible. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the most essential factor which
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