What Is Harold Cruse Consider The Contrarian Way?

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The method of Harold Cruse as we learn would be considered the “contrarian” way. The contrarian method was Cruse's take on black realism, and black realism has its takes on may things in life. Derrick Ball also championed black realism. His work as a professor and as an author is not the only thing that strings the two men together. The outlook of the public towards them and their dislike for, Christian idealism and black positivism string the two together, as well as the problems they faced along the way to better the “black masses.”

What is black realism , calling back to the first essay of the semester we dove into why Cruse calls for a “cultural revolution by the critical assault on the methods and ideology of the old-guard"(p. 97, Cruse) .and while examining black realism and seeing what it means the derivative is very clear. So what is black realism, well normal realism is “Practical orientation that relies on the facts and takes into consideration things as they are, not on what they might be” so for black people that mean skepticism of many things such as, capitalism, white supremacy and male supremacy “which
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Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. Empathy foreshadows reform.”( Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism, Bell) While both authors were celebrated professors and honored to the highest degree, they were both met with backlash for the way they portrayed Black Positivism and Christian idealism. As we read in lecture ‘Positivism’ (characterized by the strong tradition of philosophy within Black gospel music, Black Thought, Black social and political belief, and Black spirituality) is the mode of thought and behavior that says racism because it is immoral and detrimental to The Nation will end. If any of the things we see on the news on racial discrimination and police brutality shows anything, it shows the opposite and emphasizes the proof of what the two authors stand for as black
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