What Is Harriet Tubman's Abuse On The Underground Railroad?

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On the Underground Railroad there would be several “conductors” that would help those escaping get to where they escaping to, one these conductors happened to be Harriet Tubman, an ex slave. As an illustration Keri states, “‘ Tell Brad I said that the hype on Harriet Tubman- the ‘never run off the track de track, and I ain’t lost a passenger’ thing- that had to be a PR spin. She must have lost somebody.’ But maybe not forever” (Campbell 301). In this quote Keri is talking about her so called ‘conductor’ that tried to lead her to a freedom from her daughter’s illness. Throughout the duration of her attempt at getting her daughter treatment her ‘conductor’ Brad would always refer to himself as Harriet Tubman and how neither of them ever lost
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