What Is Health Psychology?

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What is Health Psychology? Have you ever been melancholic about a recent situation in your life, and wonder why you began to develop symptoms of physical illness? This occurs because there is a strong link between our thoughts, personality, and behavior and our way of coping with illness. The way we control our emotions directly impacts our health for the better or for the worse. In this essay, we will discuss about the different mental factors that relate to health and how they can contribute to the development of diseases. Health Psychology has been important in the field of medicine since the 1980s, when behavioral medicine became an essential piece to the wellbeing of individuals (Baum & Posluszny, 1999). In the medical area, psychology became an important piece in the contribution of the well-being of humans. Health Psychology centers in the biological, psychological, environmental, cultural, and cultural aspects, and how they affect physical health. Health psychology also views the psychological factors such as anxiety levels, personality, lifestyle or behavior, culture, support system, motivation and family relationship. (MacDonald, 2013)
How do psychological factors influence immunity and disease? Holistic medicine is looking at the person as a whole, which is his body, mind, emotions and spirit (American Holistic Medical Association, 2014). When it comes to human health, holistic medicine should be employed in order to improve the health of a
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