What Is Hobbes Of Malmsbury

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Thomas Hobbes of Malmsbury was an 17th century English philosopher best known for his 1651 book “Leviathan”. It concerns the structure of a society and legitimate government. The book is divided into four different parts, his overall goal is to explain why a commonwealth may govern men and the best way for this government to function to commodate the desires of its cititzens

In book 1 of the “Leviathan” Hobbes starts with man, He believes that man is nothing but a creature driven by the constant motions of the world. This leads to man’s constant desires which naturally pits each man against each other. So he reasons that the best way to prevent anarchy is to establish a commonwealth with enough power to protect all who comply to live under it. As a result, a commonwealth is established with the
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In Book 2 Hobbes speaks about the citizens obligations to the state, he explains that the best form of government is a monarchy, because any other form of governments power is not ample enough to protect the people from themselves. A citizens duty to the state must be total anything otherwise would only hurt oneself. If a citizen finds the government to
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