What Is Home? a Comparison of Eveline and Soldier's Home

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Home can be described in many meanings. In both short stories of “Eveline” by James Joyce and “Soldier’s Home” by Earnest Hemingway, it defined home in many similar and opposite ways against one another. Since both authors used different ways to uncover the protagonist’s story, they both resulted in different interpretations of “Home.” Both stories revolved around family affairs so both the protagonist’s mother and father played a major role in the story but they also shared similarities throughout the story. However, both protagonists were caught in different situations that drove them on deciding to stay or leave home.
Both stories featured parents who driven the protagonist’s decisions of leaving/staying home. Eveline’s mother left
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And when his mother asked Harold if he loves her, he truthfully said no. Harold was “sickened frightened all the time” (Hemingway, 186) from his war experiences that he couldn’t find his emotions and feelings for his own mother. With that, Hemingway symbolizes Harold’s role as an escapist when he isolate himself from everyone around him by spending his days playing pools, read books and sleep.
With all these facts came together, the authors determined the protagonist’s home. Joyce captured Eveline as a fragile woman who is dependent on her mother’s promise. She kept her duty of keeping the family together at home, and was unable to leave for Buenos Ayres with her love. She avoided the consequences of disobeying her mother’s promise because she is guilty of betraying her mother’s promise and would only hurt her in the end as her mother said constantly, “Derevaun Seraun!” (Joyce 534). Hemingway showed how Harold severed ties with his family because of his traumatic experience
Zhu 4 from war, he can’t find the ability to love his mother nor he can reverts back to his old self. Harold left his family and home to start a new life without facing emotional complications.

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