What Is Huawei Target Strategy

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4 Marketing Strategy of Huawei 4.1 Potential Target & Segmentation In our segmentation strategy, we are using demographic, and psychographic segmentation to build and classify the target segments. Demographic segmentation – Our target are towards 20-49 years old gender range. This is the target segment which is a major productive group and the middle class in the country. They have savings in assets, flexible cashflow, relatively high disposable income. Furthermore, most of them are highly educated and are technology savvy which there's no concerned about how to use the new technology product. Therefore, financially that they are able to afford to buy new products for a trial despite no need of the product at day-to-day. On the other hand, part of the people would be driven by…show more content…
Therefore, their place strategy regarding product are sold through online e-commerce via their Huawei as well as partnership channels such as eBay, Amazon website. Huawei would motivate the consumers to visit their website for the new product through different channels such as public announce for the introduction of the new product, through opinion leader and advertising via whatsapp, wechat to impress consumers to interest them in the new product and purchase. One of the key is to ensure that the customer understand the product and beneficial. Huawei will do this by having the information of the P9 / P10 available on their website so that customers can compare the product against the competitor products. This enables Huawei to build up their customers in the product knowledge. On the other hand, Huawei will extend O2O service support when customer have the problem after purchased new product. The key is to ensure that each customer has a inspiring and positive user experience so that they will not only remain as a customer, but will also recommend the product to others
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