What Is Huckleberry Finn's Ideology

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Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is about Huck, a white child who struck it rich around missouri in around 1835-1845. Huck lives around slaves and slave owners alike having the mentality of southern whites that slaves are objects. The problem with this is that Huck has an acquaintance, a slave, that later becomes his friend. Huck's actions make him grow into a person with skewed morals.

The society Huck grew up with had a variety of morals. Huck’s ideology is influenced in the beginning of the story by the widow and miss watson, two sisters with big plans for Huck. They want Huck to become a “moral” person who does good all the time. They have him attend church and school to reach these ends. Huck and his friends understood
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Huck disliked his father trying to get out of his reach by any means necessary, however he did not have the bravery to kill his father like he planned whilst he was locked in the cabin with him. Huck did manage to get away from his father by escaping by river describing his plan as, “‘stead of taking to the woods when I run off, I’d go down the river about fifty mile and camp in one place for good,”(Twain, 37) this is in relation of when Huck was plotting a way to get away from his father.Parents always affect the child both positively and negatively, “because no matter how well intended, the best that parents ever provide is a mix of strength and frailty, wisdom and stupidity, good choices and bad.”(Adolescence and the influence of parents) Contrary to what was just mentioned Huck’s father was no good man as he, again, was a drunkard and often abused his own child for no good reason but perhaps for his own fun. Huck would want to stray far from what his father’s morals…show more content…
Huck decides to save a slave who ran away, while under normal circumstances a white child in that area of the country would automatically turn in a slave they saw running free. Huck's relationship with religion is precarious as he does not solely believe in it and turns his beliefs elsewhere. There is also the fact that history favors slavery as the bible does not obviate the use of slavery. Huck's relations with his father is among the reasons his ideology is skewed, as it conflicts with the religion. Huck's journey with Jim alters his moral compass as well, due to the moral crises he
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