What Is Hugo's Definition Of Class In The 19th Century

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In a society where judgement and rank define us as humans, I was intrigued by Victor Hugo’s opposing proposal on his definition of class. In researching this idea, I ran across numerous causes for the placement of class in a nineteenth century society. In trying to intertwine them all, I stumbled, thus causing me to lose my original purpose of my research. However, after countless circles in place, I finally came across the primary purpose, the commencing factor for all the underlying causes. During this time of despair and anguish there was a luminosity or rather said: industrialization. This idea of industrialization brought about revision and adversity during this time period. Leading me to suspect that perhaps the definition of class deviates from the industrialization in nineteenth century France.…show more content…
As industrialization in France was a lengthy, yet fulfilling process, we can understand that specific characters, such as Jean Valjean and Fantine, relate to this in the way that they wanted a new beginning for themselves and endured it knowing that it would be a prolonged and burdensome process. In going through their development, they had their times of misery, however it does not define them as human beings. In order to do a thorough study of this topic, the defining factor of a human being, we have to start with the beginning. With ideas that branch out from one another, we can start with identifying industrialization during the nineteenth century, which then leads us to the jobs it provided, from there we can classify the placement your occupation provided you with, and conclude with Victor Hugo’s explanation of the defining element of a
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