What Is Human Resource Planning?Identify Its Objectives in Human Resource Management.

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IS A process by which an organisation ensures that it has the right number & kind of people at the right place and at the right time, capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that help the organisation achieve its overall objectives..


Importance of HR PLANNING

• 1) Each Organisation needs personnel with necessary qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience & aptitude .
• 2) Need for Replacement of Personnel - Replacing old, retired or disabled personnel.
• 3) Meet manpower shortages due to labour turnover
• 4) Meet needs of expansion / downsizing programmes
• 5) Cater to Future Personnel Needs
• 6) Nature of present workforce in relation with
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These sources must consider not only the nature and conditions of the external labor market, but also the presence of qualified personnel who are available to fill vacancies through internal promotions or transfers.
Keep in mind the recruitment activities is integrated with diversity and equal employment opportunity initiatives.
Staffing needs must be anticipated sufficiently in advance to permit the recruitment and development of fully qualified personnel. Anticipating manpower problems by projecting present resources into the future and comparing them with the forecast of requirements to determine their adequacy, both quantitatively and qualitatively;

Planning the necessary programmes of requirement, selection, training, development, utilization, transfer, promotion, motivation and compensation to ensure that future manpower requirements are properly met.

**It’s a systematic approach. because it ensures a continuous and proper staffing. It avoids or checks on occupational imbalances (shortage or surplus) occurring in any of the department of the organization.

**There is a visible continuity in the process.

**There is a certain degree of flexibility. That is, it is subject to modifications according to needs of the organization or the changing circumstances. Manpower plans can be done at micro or the macro levels depending upon various environmental factors.

“ HRP is a
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