What Is Human Services?

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What is Human Services? May M. Miller What is Human Services? “Human services is a broad term covering a number of careers, but all have one thing in common-the helping of people meet their basic physical and emotional needs for whatever reason cannot be met without assistance” (Martin, pg.4, 2011). To understand how humans function in society, a person needs to understand basic human needs. These needs vary from person to person, however, all persons in society have a need and human services can help provide that. The Goal of Human Services Human service goals can be different for different workers within the field. One common goal is to help people. It has been said that human services is a broad term and…show more content…
Most people learn right and wrong at a very young age. What a person does when faced with a potentially wrong or difficult situation, determines how the outcome will be. Martin says, “individuals who are motivated primarily by emotions are wrong, but because their values and principles are not well enough defined and/or developed to contain or regulate their emotions, often times leading to the inability to control their impulses.” Impulses can be very dangerous and lead to a wrong decision that can be detrimental to a person or persons. There are many situations to consider when dealing with ethics. For example, a human service worker may have to excuse him/herself from a client if there is a conflict of interest. They may have some sort of connection to part of the family or may know the opposite party involved. Another example would be deciding to keep a client’s case confidential. What if this person stated that they wish to harm themselves or someone else? Does the human services professional break confidentiality? Protection of human life is utmost important. A duty to warn is what should occur and the professional has an obligation to contact the proper authorities. Conclusion In conclusion, human services can be a very challenging field, however the rewards can be substantial. Achieving a common goal is what drives human service professionals. When
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