What Is Human Trafficking?

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What is Human Trafficking? We as humans are endowed with certain indelible rights. Rights that give us the freedom, liberty, and knowledge to empower ourselves in our lives. Every single person born into today’s world ought to have the right and the privilege of exercising these core values. But for some people, they don’t get a choice. Whether born into, abducted, kidnapped, raped, battered, or bruised, people fall victims to these acts against nature and moral sensibility every day. Families torn apart by the loss of a loved one. Children sold to bidders hundreds of miles away, leaving nothing but their tears…this is undoubtedly a sensitive topic in today’s society but we mustn’t hide from the wrath of the demons that inflict this crime. It’s time for society to take action and allow every human to be treated as equal- as a living creature and not some slave. Human Trafficking is a global issue that denies the rights of humans, strips them of their self being and inflicts emotional, physical, and mental harm upon the victims leaving empty shells of their past lives and stuck in an insubordination cage. Who falls victim to Human Trafficking? Traffickers seek out vulnerability’s in victims, lurking on insecurity, often times building up trust and promises of jobs, education, stability, and amorous relationships. Often going after a meticulous socio-economic lower class, traffickers will target runaway kids, prior victims to sexual or domestic assault, foreign travelers, and
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