What Is Hydrazine?

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Hydrazine or H2H4 is an extremely toxic unstable liquid that was first discovered by Theodor Curtius. In 1907 Freidrich Raschig was the persin to discover an efficent way to produce Hydrazine at an industrial level, this process is called the Olin- Raschig process. It is a man made molecule and is created by mixing sodium hypochlorite with ammonium to create chloramine and sodium hydroxide . Then is added anhydrous ammonium which is put under presure and this produces hydrazine, water and salt as a by product . Hydrazine is a greta reducing agent and thr only by products are nitrogen and water. It is used to reduce plutoniuim waste back into its solid state. Also it is used as a precursor for organic synthese. In that process it is
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