What Is I 'M Working On My Problem' By The Short Story

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Comparative analysis of Jamaica Kincaid's “Girl” and Dorothy Allison's “I'm Working on My Charm” Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” is the story of a girl whose mother advises her daughter on different aspects of being a proper woman. The mother has antiquated even repressive ideas about what a woman is supposed to be. The mother focuses on two main categories in her guidance, social manners and domesticity. “The mother does most of the talking; she delivers a long series of instructions and warnings to the daughter, who twice responds but whose responses go unnoticed by the mother” (Short stories). First, she defends herself against what her mother argues she has done,…show more content…
In both stories the chief protagonist is the daughters who are in their adolescence and learns different aspects of being a proper woman in society. The girl in the story “Girl” receives the instructions from her mother on how to live in their present social setting. The daughter narrates “Girl” as if recalling the memory of her mother from a distant future place. She remembers, for example, how her mother constantly accuses her of promiscuity and impropriety, an accusation that has apparently haunted her through the years. In the story “I'm working on my charm,” the girl brings her back to the time when she was sixteen and working at a counter with her mother. Her mother shows her how to put on a sweet act for her customers to receive tips. “I just smiled my heartbreaker's smile and got the man his sandwich,” the narrator stated when an old man left a five dollar bill (68). She says that the greater skills that her mama teaches her are less tangible than rules about speed and smiling. So, these two characters are related to each other since both the characters are talking about

Yadav 3 their past relationships with their mother. These characters behavior is being shaped to fit their society’s requirements. The setting of story “Girl” and “I'm Working on My Charm” are important to the story. In “Girl” she is trained specifically to be successful in Antiguan culture. In “I’m Working on My Charm” the southern setting
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