What Is I-Safe?

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Cyber-bullying, which describe an intrusion of ones’ privacy or a cyber-action that is intended to hurt others physically or verbally, has been occurring during the advanced period of technology, especially in the informative communication field. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center (Bullying Statistics, n.d.), it has been proven that eighty percent of teenagers have been using technology and half of them engaged in cyber-bullying. In other words, cyber-bullying includes direct attack to the society, such as harassment (, n.d.). There is a drastic increase of cyber-bullying around the world and it usually victimises teens who aged thirteen to seventeen (NCPC and HarrisInteractive, 2007). Researchers have proven that government…show more content…
I-Safe is one of the organisation that emphasises on internet safety and the consciousness of the youth when differentiating online matters (i-Safe, n.d.). In this case, two innovative campaigns are implemented by i-Safe such as i-Mentor and i-Parents (Ibid). By participating in i-Mentor program, young people could experience the process of teaching mentees and they are trained to stay aware towards the safety use of cyberspace (Ibid). According to Kelsey Grammar, an actor who delivers his speech for i-Parents, the objectives of i-Parents are to improve parents’ technological skills and raise their alertness towards the safety of children during online activities (Ibid). With that, students are protected against inappropriate cyber-information. Furthermore, workshops are prepared to improve schools’ online security by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a non-profit organisation (ADL, n.d.). Apart from teaching professional knowledge about cyber-bullying to the educators, it also provides a training class, which named “CyberALLY” for secondary students, by advocating the importance of respecting others and being responsive to report cyber-bullying incidents, so that it can cultivate a peaceful society (Ibid). Subsequently, cyber…show more content…
Due to the cases of hacking and illegal sharing information, it is known that FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) protection is used as a strong liability safeguard to ensure the safe sharing-information process (Inserra, 2014). In fact, EdgeWave was rewarded the “2012 Global Excellence Award from Security Products Guide for Social Media, Web Filtering and Content Security” award, and apparently, it has been highly recommended by the governmental organisations because it tends to disallow the inappropriate media sites (EdgeWave, 2013). Regardless the steps taken to reduce the victims in cyber-bullying, it is also suggested that “Pearl Echo. Suite” software could help to control the internet activity and thus, results in a good guide to students to use the internet accurately (PearlSoftware, 2015). In spite of the fact that protection software contributes a safe cyber environment, the cost of software is a part of potential problems because premium software mostly is highly priced (Kazmeyer, 2016). Hence, lower middle-income countries might not be able to purchase the security software and consequently, there is less prevention towards cyber-bullying. Next, some of the promoted software’s quality is not clearly stated. This shows that there would be a possibility, which the software might be less effective in filtering
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