What Is Incident Command System?

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Incident Command System (ICS) An incident command system or ICS can be referred to as a standardized approach to hazards and incidents management that are based on the scene of the incident (FEMA, 2012). This on-scene approach gives room for the integration of the equipment, facilities, staff , communication system and procedures that operate in a central structure of an organization. It also gives room for the coordinated response among several agencies concerned with the emergency be it in the private sector or the public sector. Lastly the ICS aids in the establishment of a localized process for planning as well as managing the resources. ICS is known for its flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of disasters. It is noted that it allows the users to involve their independent organizational structures to be palatable to the demands of the incident or the disaster that is at hand. It is a structure that is employed by the federal government, the states governments, tribal and even local administrations. It is a structure that is applicable across several disciplines. There are five major functions of the ICS as outlined by the FEMA (2012) which include forming a command system, structuring the operations in times of disasters, engaging in proper planning on how to handle disasters, executing the logistics during the handling of the incidents that may be as well as scouting for the financing or administration of the incident handling. There is a sixth
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