What Is Industrialization In China

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First is necessary to clarify that the Chinese government (Christiansen & Rai,1988:214) tried to determine the economy by ideology. However, Mao ideas did not work at all and kept China as an underdeveloped country contrast to Xiaoping who clarified the challenges and did enormous reforms to rise china’s economy to one of the world leaders. But these economic reforms also developed unfamiliar problems for China. What the whole world deals with till nowadays. At present China is paying huge cost environmentally and socially for these developments (Tang et al.,2015) the economic developments and employment stability clashing with the environmental pollution and the people needs for higher living standards, and it leads to an ecological…show more content…
Nowadays, the most critical issue is the water supply unsustainable usage. The companies do not adopt the existing technology to clear the water, their wastewater returns into the river (Economy, 2010) with no consequences. This water is toxic to the plants, human consumption even for industrial use. Inapprehensible, why they do not take account of their interests. Irresponsible water usage causing water shortages than the cities are drying out (Economy,2010). Local governments realized it is more economical to use the technology to clear their own water than get it from contaminated rivers. On the other hand, it is also causing food shortages which is why China rely on imported grain is increasing.

Another important environmental issue is the air pollution. This problem causing worldwide and domestic problems for China. In the last 30 years of industrial development, China became a net coal importer of the world (Tang et al.2015) but the production of energy is increasing. Especially, the outcomes on the environmental, economic levels are forcing the interest for sustainable developments (Hu et al.,2013). However, it takes a long time to see its benefit. Meanwhile, it is questionable how long China can use coal (Lin& Liu,2010), as an option China tries to participate in the oil and gas industry. The world feeds China hunger for energy supplies which is worsening the international energy security. In addition,
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