What Is Intentional Teaching?

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What is Intentional Teaching? Intentional teaching is based on using a holistic and purposeful approach to teaching in the classroom. This holistic approach supports students as they work towards skill and content mastery, while also using instructional strategies that develop students’ critical thinking skills and provide classroom environments where students feel safe to express and communicate their ideas about math. Successful intentional teaching begins with planning to meet learning objectives through lessons that engage students in meaningful and relevant learning activities that connect student learning to their interests and real-world applications. Furthermore, lessons developed with intentionality provide students with opportunities to gain deep understanding of mathematical concepts beyond rote memorization and surface level knowledge. Students are aided in developing deep understandings of mathematical concepts through the use of math manipulatives, which provide opportunities for students to model and share their mathematical thinking. In implementing intentional teaching strategies in their math instruction, teachers use thoughtful and purposeful planning to create lessons that meet both the academic and emotional needs of their students. In addition, intentional teaching involves a continuous cycle of assessing student learning, scaffolding through best-practices and reflecting on student thinking and learning to further develop lessons that support
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