What Is Internet Banking

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What is Internet Banking?

“Internet banking” refers to systems that enable bank customers to access accounts and general information on bank products and services through a personal computer (PC) or other intelligent device.

Internet banking products and services can include wholesale products for corporate customers as well as retail and fiduciary products for consumers. Ultimately, the products and services obtained through Internet banking may mirror products and services offered through other bank delivery channels.

Some examples of wholesale products and services include:

[pic] Cash management. [pic] Wire transfer. [pic] Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Transactions. [pic] Bill presentment and payment.
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Southeast bank announces the introduction of Real Time On-Line Any Branch Banking Services to its customers.

[pic] Cash Withdrawal and Cash deposits: From now on any customer of the bank can draw or deposits money from/to his/her account from any of our branches. The respective account will be debited/credited instantly.

[pic] Instant Fund Transfer: No more TT(Telegraph Transfer). Now you can transfer fund instantly from your account to any other account(s) maintained in any of our branches.

[pic] Balance Inquiry: You can check your up to date account balance from any of our branches.

[pic] Account Statement: You can get your up to date account statement on-line from any of our branches.

Difference between Internet banking & Online banking:

Actually there is no more difference between Internet banking and online banking. The major difference of the Internet and online banking is that customer able to know his/her whole account information like balance inquiry, funds transfer, downloading transaction information, bill presentment and payment, loan applications, investment activity, other value-added services etc. from his/ her personal computer (PC) or any other intelligent device with internet banking service. With online banking service customer know the information from any branch of the respective bank.

At present Southeast Bank Limited provided the online banking. But they will provide the Internet banking
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