What Is Internet Of Things?

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What is Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of the physical objects containing embedded systems which connects and communicate with each other internally or externally through sensors. According to David Ahrens, it is the “network of interconnected sensor-equipped electronic devices that collect data, communicate with each other, and can be monitored or controlled remotely over the Internet” (Ahrens, 2014). The main goal of its development is to connect the physical world and the environment to the Internet or wireless networks which would allow making objects, machines and work environments interactive without any human intervention which would result in improved efficiency and economic benefits. The word “Things” in IOT includes biochip transponders, electric clams, automobiles, electronic appliances etc. These devices collect the data individually with the existing technology and then share the data autonomously between each other through the internet protocol. It includes different technology infrastructure, devices and services such as the cloud, computing, data analytics and mobile communications. It is more about the disruptive business models than technology. It is a trend through which the physical world is becoming a big information system through the embedded system used in the devices over the wireless networks. The IoT is without a doubt an increasing trend that takes the advancement of interconnectivity to a level which was once just
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