What Is Islam? : The Monotheistic Religions Of Islam

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What Is Islam? The monotheistic religion of Islam was developed in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century by the prophet Muhammad. Followers of this religion are called Muslims. To become a Muslim one simply has to confess “There is no one but God; and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah”. (Sardar, 2007, p. 1). This is called the shahadah and creates the basis of the religion. God or Allah, is said to have sent messages through the angel Gabriel which were spoken to Muhammad in Arabic. These revelations later became the Qur’an which is the Muslim Bible. A practicing Muslim believes the Qur’an is the actual word of God and must follow its teachings. Teachings The word Islam came from an Arabic word aslama which means submitted. Submission and peace are the most important beliefs of the faith. Islamic teachings dictate that Muslims submit to the will of God but they are encouraged to question these teachings to come to a clearer understanding. Peace also should not be taken for granted and must be defended. (Sardar, 2007). The word jihad means struggle and can refer to war or the inner struggle for peace. The Qur’an provides the blueprint for how Muslims conduct their daily lives including laws and traditions. Written in chapter and verse like the Bible, the Qur’an must be taken in whole because if taken out of context the meanings and references change. Translated to mean ‘the Reading’, it also correlates to the life of the prophet Muhammad. The Sunnah is the other
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