Self Assessment Of Weaknesses And Strengths

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I find it hard to self-assess oneself. I do not feel I do poorly in any category, but I know I am not great at every category. The weaknesses I have are in areas that I already feel need improvement. Now we will dive into some of those weaknesses and strengths.

After taking the self-assessment in the read section of unit 2, I realized that I need to improve my reading, writing, speaking skills, ability to retain written information, and ability to conduct research (Bethel University, 2014). It is not a surprise that reading and writing were my lowest scores. I have not read or wrote much since I left college eight years ago. Speaking, retaining written information, and the ability to conduct research I ranked higher in, but they were the weaker of the categories within that group. I found there is a theme among these weaknesses. They seem to affect one another, and I think if I could improve in one the others will along with it (Bethel
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I will read more, making my goal that my reading will improve, and it will also improve my ability to retain written information. I will be conducting research for every paper I write in all my classes, and this will improve my ability to conduct research. If for some reason focusing on improvement does not help me improve, I will attempt to manage that weakness (Sanders, 2010). I will try to use my strengths to overcome my weaknesses. That is how I plan to manage them, if I find them to be impossible to improve. I plan to continue to use my strengths in school to stay on target with assignments and set clear goals for myself to achieve. In life my strengths have and will carry me far. I have been using my strengths for years at my current job and I have had a great career so far. I believe that I will be able to improve my weaknesses and execute my strengths to obtain success in all aspects of my
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