What Is It Infrastructure Gap Analysis

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Aspects Current IT infrastructure Future IT infrastructure needs Gap Analysis Payroll System The capacity of the payroll system can handle current company size. The application is accessible by all employees and allows them to report hours worked and vacation time. The payroll system is able to handle twice the number of users the company currently has in the self-report system. The system is automated by having HR and payroll in the same system. Need to increase the capacity of the current payroll system to handle more users. Integrate payroll functions with HR functions including performance management so all is centralized and automated with less manual entries. Email System The email system is limited to 100 users. The amount of…show more content…
There is no remote access to computers. All software is loaded one program at a time to setup a computer. Computer are configured, troubleshoot and fixed remotely by technical support using remote desktop management software. The computers are imaged remotely for faster setup. The security patches are pushed remotely to all computers to ensure they are up to date on security. Need to upgrade the system with the remote desktop management and imaging software Customer Portal The company website is hosted by outside service and managed by a hired webmaster. There is no customer portal. The customer service representative in call center provides telephone and email support to the customers. Sometimes it might take 20 minutes for the customer to get to a CSR. The company has a web customer portal where the customers will find frequently asked questions. They will be able to chat with CSR to ask any questions. The customers will be able to provide comments and feedback. Need to implement a web customer portal. Online Ordering System There is no online ordering system. The orders are taken through phone and at a dealership site and sent through email along with monthly report for order reconciliation. There are multiple systems for taking order which can cause order loss and duplication Company website provides options to browse the product catalog and place order online. The order status can
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