What Is It Like Living In A Home With Low Income? Poverty

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What is it like living in a home with low income? Poverty is the state of not having enough money to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. What affects does it have on children? Children living in low income homes face more challenges than others. The have to endure the pain of not having family members at home when they need them. Children living in poverty have to cope with the stress of taking care of themselves as well as their siblings at times, while trying to maintain satisfactory grades in school. In this paper I will discuss the effect of poverty on a child’s social development, academic performance, and health conditions. Children who live in poverty have impaired social development throughout their entire life.…show more content…
The children who live in poverty tend to do worse in school than other students. When they are in school and at home they are not concerned about what the teacher is teaching but about where their next meal is coming from. They do not get the help they need at home because their parents are at work and they have to take care of their siblings. If the child has a learning disability they do not get the proper help or even know about it because they do not have the money to get someone who can teach the child how to perform well with this disability. . They will get placed in a classroom where instead of the teacher teaching them, they call them stupid and don 't teach them anything. They also tend to hate the teacher because they are downgrading them.In the movie freedom writers it tells the story of a school who had a class just for underprivileged children. They hated the teacher when she came because they felt like she was just like they other teachers. When they saw that she actually cared they began to listen to what she was teaching. The schools they attend are low funded school. These schools underpaid teachers and make them feel like they don 't have to teach to their full potential. They books the children receive are torn, have missing pages, and are so old they have outdated information. The health conditions the child has are very poor. Many people who live in poverty do not have a car and have to ride the bus to get to places. They do not
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