What Is Jean Watson Theory Into Practice

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Theory into Practice Theories both nursing and non-nursing have made significant impacts in the nursing profession. Nurses use theories in everyday practice in how they deliver care to patients as well as upholding the standards of the profession. Jean Watson’s nursing theory can be used in combination with Maslow’s Hierarchy, a non-nursing theory, to deliver the upmost professional and compassionate care to patients. Jean Watson Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring shows that all human beings have an essential need to partake in caring exchanges, as giver and receiver, and that nursing holds the heart of this fundamental need (Sitzman & Wright, 2010, p. 50). Watsons theory has three major elements, clinical caritas processes, transpersonal caring, and caring moments/caring occasions all of which describe the essence of the theory and how each is used in nursing practice. Nurses become more…show more content…
Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring allows for me to view the patient on a more spiritual level. The interaction between the patient and I is very important, as trust is formed throughout the caring process. Whether, through transpersonal caring relationship or caring moment, I must be mindfully present to myself as well as my patient. The importance of Watsons theory is to focus on the caring and healing of the patient rather than the illness or disease. In doing so the patient and I begin to form a transpersonal relationship, which opens the window to more in-depth care. Maslow’s Hierarchy also impacts my nursing practice as it allows for the basic needs of my patients to be met. Although working in surgery giving food and water before surgery is not allowed, but IV fluids are given in the meantime. When meeting the needs of safety and security, my patient must feel as if they are getting safe competent care, furthermore as the nurse those needs are met by maintaining a safe environment that is conducive of
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