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On March 6, 2017, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Kennedy 4th grade class during her reading lesson. Ms. Kennedy teaches at Martha Gaskins Elementary school in Birmingham, Alabama. The Birmingham City School system students are predominately African-American and come from low-income homes. Therefore, all schools in the system are Title 1 schools except the ones that have been designated as specialty schools. Mrs. Kennedy begins each morning with a morning comprehension worksheet. The students are given a two-page reading selection to read. Attached are approximately ten questions with at least two of the questions being open-ended. The observation I made was the English Language Learner students were given a different morning comprehension.…show more content…
Once the students returned from PE, students were directed to have desk cleared off. Ms. Kennedy began to discuss the weekly reading selection. She then led them to take out their reading workbooks. This week's reading selection was the Great Kapok Tree, and their skill associated with the lesson was the generalization. The workbook had approximately ten pages per story. The students were taught the pronunciation of each vocabulary word and their meaning. They were then given the opportunity to answer questions associated with the vocabulary words. One activity was filling in the missing word and reading sentences that had the vocabulary word in them. The students were tasked to identify the proper meaning of the vocabulary word embedded in the sentence. Ms. Kennedy worked with the students to identify the appropriate responses for both activities. After Mrs. Kennedy had completed both activities, she directed the students to complete the first reading worksheet of the story…show more content…
She gave an illustration of how she applied African American History for the month of February. She began by reading the book Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Margaret McNamara and Mike Gordon. In the book, the teacher had the students draw some of their dreams on a piece of paper. Ms. Kennedy at the end of the story had the students do the same. Once she handed the students the paper, they began to draw their dreams. She then collected up their writings and their pictures and informed the students that tomorrow they would be creating a final draft and she will be posting them outside the classroom for all to see. She informed me that she would be assessing their writings with a rubric the following
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