What Is Job Satisfaction?

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What is job satisfaction? Use the research literature to evaluate the claim that, ‘a satisfied worker is a productive worker’.

Job satisfaction is important to an organisation success and therefore it is critical that every individual is satisfied within the workplace. It is just one indicator of a persons psychological well-being and can be defined as being a pleasure emotional state that results from the appraisal of an individuals job or job experiences (Locke, 1976). It could also be argued that there is a variety of different aspects that can influence an individuals satisfaction with their job. These can be different aspects including pay, relationships with colleagues and working conditions. It can be assumed that if an individual is satisfied with their job then this will lead to motivation and good work performance. There are many different measures of job satisfaction in the work place. These consist of the Job Satisfaction Scales and the job satisfaction scale of the Occupational Stress Indicator , also known as the OSI. It has been suggested that there are three different approaches when it comes to job satisfaction (Judge & Hulin, 1993). The first of these presents the idea that these particular work attitudes are dispositional in nature and are either learned through experience or are inherited through genetics (Staw, 1986). Although, if this were the case then any attempts to increase job satisfaction would fail because job satisfaction may be considered a
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