What Is John Harrison Legends And Legacies

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Charlotte Moore
John Harrison: Legends and Legacies

The legends and legacies of our world have shaped society and have impacted our daily lives and will continue to for centuries. John Harrison is one of many legends and legacies that has shaped our lives. John Harrison changed and developed technology in an enormous way that saved numerous lives and still affects how we live and travel today. John Harrison's developments in technology of time keeping and longitude and latitude coordinates created the legacy that he improved society for which he will be remembered forever.

John Harrison was born March 24th, 1693 in Foluby, Yorkshire. He was the oldest child of a carpenter and a joiner. John Harrison had little formal education but was a clock maker and the son of a carpenter. He married his first wife Elizabeth, in 1718. She died eight years later and he remarried to another Elizabeth
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Even though John Harrison did not have the advantages of a formal education so he used his knowledge from his father about clocks to his advantage. John Harrison's knowledge from his father led him to create the chronometers that led many people on many safe journeys. John Harrison’s son William followed in his father’s footsteps also by helping him in creating the chronometer. John Harrison had a huge impact on society especially for fixing “The Longitude Problem” which still has effects society today and we wouldn’t be able to travel through space. Before John Harrison created the chronometer it was thought that you could only tell longitude by looking at astronomy, but the problem was if you were sailing on a stormy night that you cannot see the stars and you would get lost. IN fact, it was John Harrison's arch nemesis's theory that you could tell longitude by looking at astronomy which John Harrison proved to be false. John Harrison discovered the chronometer that contradicted this
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