What Is Joy?

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Joy Introduction Joy is the feeling that we all seek in life. We probably all remember feelings of joy from our childhood or on certain special occasions. It is a feeling that seems to get farther away from us as we grow older and have less time for play. Even now, we can see joy when we watch young children play. We also see joy on the faces of religious or spiritual people who seem to understand and love life at a level we cannot even see. Joy is something that we all can sense, but is very hard to describe. (Davis 26) Thesis: Joy is a deep sense of happiness and contentment. It is a love of life in its purest form. Defining Joy The first step in defining joy is to explain what joy is not. Joy is not just a feeling of elation or excitement. Elation is a feeling of high spirits that is very shallow and lasts for a short period of time. Elation is the feeling that you get when your favorite song comes on the radio and you get up to dance. The feeling disappears when the song is over and you have to go back to your homework. Joy is not a feeling that everything in your life is exactly the way you want it at a particular time. This feeling can be called satisfaction or contentment, which is a great feeling in itself. However, it is not joy. Joy is an actual bodily feeling that comes from deep within. It does not depend on your opinion of your life situation. Joy cannot be bought. Many people try to buy joy by purchasing material goods to make themselves feel
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