What Is Karl Marx's View On Police Work

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Many of the laws changed once police forces were formed. It made laws stricter, with that; it eventually came the end of child labor. It also helped to excel Karl Marx. So many things happened to Europe during this time period. Socialist brought about many new ideas such as communism and utopias. In 1829 the first police force was formed in London. Later came the Scotland Yard, France and Berlin. Many of the European police forces took advice and modeled their prisons after some of the prisons in the United States. “Sherlock Homes” By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was really the forefront that brought about the forensics in police work. “Sherlock Holmes” really changed the views on police work. Even today “Sherlock Holmes” is still very popular, in other words, something that was written over a hundred years ago is till shaping peoples minds of the police.…show more content…
He and Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto. Marx’s ideas can still be seen today. Russia for the most part is communist, even know technically they are not. North Korea is probably the best example of Marx’s ideas coming a live. North Korea is a communist country. Being a communist country’s means that they have a dictator and the citizens have no say in what happens in their county. Actually, the leader of North Korea has control of the television stations and only always things that he approves of; so many of them have no idea what is going on out side of North Korea. It’s very sad to think that they are shielded from everyone outside of North Korea like that. If the United States were to become a communist country, the leader would be thrown out very quickly. The first thing leaders do when they want to take over is they start by taking away everyone’s guns, they want to leave helpless so that way they cant fight back. Well there are way to many guns here in the United States, there is one behind every blade of
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