What Is Karwachauth Festival Essay

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One of the many festivals that we celebrate in India is Karwachauth. Karwachauth has a profound significance in the lives of married women since they fast for their husband’s long life and well-being on this festival. Karwachauth falls in the month of October. According to Hindu lunisolar calendar, this festival falls in the month of Kartik, on the fourth day past the full moon of the Krishna Paksha.

‘Karvachauth’ word is a blend of two Hindi words: karva means the earthen pot (used in the puja) and Chauth means the fourth day. Married women fast for their husband from the time the sun rises till the moon rises and offer their prayers to the goddess ‘Chauth maata’ to get the blessing of the longevity of their spouse.

Scriptures have it that this festival is celebrated because Satyavati had saved his husband, Satyavan, king of Hastinapur from Yama- god of death by fasting and got her husband’s life restored. There are many stories associated with this puja therefore, this festival is celebrated with great belief and devotion
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Women celebrated this day with great enthusiasm and start preparations for it beforehand. Red is preferably worn by the women since it is considered the auspicious color and the color of love. Who should perform Karwachauth puja?

This festival is mainly celebrated in the Northern part of India but according to Hindu culture, all married women should observe this fast for their husband’s well-being and long life. Unmarried women can also fast in order to get a loving husband. If someone is facing difficult times in their marital life then one must perform this puja and get blessings of ‘Chauth maata’ for a happier married life.

Since this puja requires fasting the whole day, it is not advisable to someone who is facing any health issues. What are the benefits of doing Karwachauth
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