What Is Kimya's Breakdown In The Forty Rules Of Love

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Kimya’s breakdown in this fifth section of “The Forty Rules of Love” clearly demonstrates how the Void holds relevance to her. According to a neighbor, Kimya has “fallen sick of heartbreak” (320). After many failed attempts to consummate their marriage, Shams rejects Kimya one last time. This time is different from all the others because Kimya feels “humiliated,” (319) after realizing Shams does not love her in the way she desires. The sudden intense emotional pain she feels, following the heartbreak, reveals her relevance to the Void. Even though Shams physically abandons her after their final encounter, he is still very much present in Kimya’s thoughts. She claims that she “could not dislike him even if I wanted to,” (320) because in Kimya’s
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