What Is Le Corbusier's View Of Classism

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The Machine of Living.

In this essay one would read about how Classism challenged modernism or developed the modernist movement and how modernism was used to create a new idea or style of living.
It will discuss Le Corbusier’s view of classism and how his ideas of modernism influenced the future of architecture and the design of a revolutionary building in Paris: Cité de Refuge.

Architecture was defined as a play of volumes under light, proportions and regulating lines by the father of modernism Le Corbusier. His architectural philosophy was defined by Stephan Bayley as “elegant, simple and correct” (Gerry, 2008). Classical architecture is defined as architecture which refers to Greek and Roman architecture (classical antiquity) and also
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The Parthenon in Greece made a great impression on him and also influenced his view of architectural styles. Vernacular played a major role in his influences on Modernism. He believed classism was a closed formal system internal to architecture and the vernacular model connected architecture with the external. Le Corbusier also invented a new proportion system based on the human form. Le Corbusier had “the five points of a new architecture” that gave a new approach to architecture of a house. The Five Points were Pilotis, Plan Libre, free design of façade, horizontal windows and a roof garden. Le Corbusier believed the house should be a machine for living. (Glancey, 2013) (Farlex, 2017) (Passanti, 2014) (Moos,…show more content…
Cité de Refuge was the first chance that Le Corbusier had to deal with housing for the poor in a city. (Roberts, 2010) (Army, 2017)

Cité de Refuge was to be a place not only to house the poor but to transform them into members of the society. Le Corbisier saw Cité de Refuge as a machine for people to live in, work in and sleep in, he saw it as an opportunity for them to learn how to live. The Cité consisted of dormitories, apartments for single mothers, and a crèche for working mothers, a canteen and an area for the training of workers. (Taylor, 1987)

Le Corbusier did intense research about city planning, plated glass and metal frames. Cité de refuge was one of the first opportunities that Le Corbusier had to experiment with some of his ideas, research and theories. Le Corbusier suggested a double curtain wall for the south façade of the building. The wall worked on the concept of mechanically conditioned air between the opening of the two
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