What Is Leadership And Management Principles Utilized Throughout Facility A And B

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The continuously changing long term care environment requires healthcare administrators to protect the interests of residents they care for while effectively managing and leading their healthcare teams. Successful long-term care facilities incorporate varying management and leadership principles to encourage, support, empower, and coach employees. Engaged and motivated employees result in high-performance organizations. These high-performance organizations historically rate well in overall patient and employee satisfaction as well as patient safety. To explore and observe successful management practices, a case study involving two drastically varying long-term care facilities was analyzed and examined. The purpose of this paper is to…show more content…
They decide together what needs to be done and how to get it done. The leader clearly defines the expectations and mission offering guidance along the way and is the final decision maker. With this type of management, everyone is vested in the best outcome because they are all involved with the process. Team members are appreciated because they are rewarded for their hard work and efforts immediately amongst their peers. Facility B focused on doing things the correct way every day in order to prepare for any inspection and uphold all standards at all times to protect and serve their residents. Unlike facility A which felt it was unnecessary to honor required standards regularly unless it is time for a survey. With facility A’s autocratic leadership style, employees are directed with fear and intimidation. There is no sense of self-value due to the lack of ability to exemplify talents and pride in their duties for fear of retaliation. The only reward was given for informant behaviors and following the directions of the manager only. The shiftiness of facility A was exposed by sabotage due to lack of camaraderie and loyalty to such a militant leader. In settings of home health and long-term care facilities Although the manager of facility B proved to have an exceptional leadership style in comparison to the leader of facility A, the combination of the leadership
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