What Is Lennie Like An Old Brother

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Imagine having someone looking over you constantly. Well you do, and they are closer than you think. Other than your parents, if you have an older sibling they are doing this regularly in more ways than you think. A couple years ago I ran into this glass door on accident, so now every time I walk past a screen door my brother says ‘’Don’t forget to open it!’’ This is one way your sibling looks out for you. George may not have that kind of humor if Lennie messes up but he does just wanna protect Lennie. Older siblings may mess with you a lot but they just want to protect you from the world. For example George is very much like an older brother to Lennie. They are very hard on, meaning they expect everything done right in there way. They want you to achieve in this way. My parents own an RV business and I work there…show more content…
Older siblings do this so they can be the first ones to do it and not have someone else hurt you. For instance when Curley was picking on Lennie, George helped Lennie out and said don’t pick on him. In my life my brother always makes fun of me if something goes wrong or is not right. Krenek 2 Guide you through life is also a trait your sibling may help you with. George helped out with Lennie when his Aunt Clara asked for it. George knew if he gave Lennie anything he would lose it. With that George held on to everything for him. He told Lennie what to do, and if he did what he would receive as a reward. For example if Lennie and George worked for a month they would have enough money to have a little place for themselves which was their dream. Older siblings do a lot more than just tease us. They help us get through life, in way they feel is right. Although George is not Lennie’s older brother, he still acts as one. When George is yelling at Lennie, Lennie knows he did something wrong. If he did something wrong Lennie would think of this as a bad thing but George just wants to protect him and not so much as a bad
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