What Is Locus Control?

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What is locus control? Locus control is how a student thinks they should be rewarded in outcomes in life. There are two different types of locus control, the first being internal locus control. Internal locus control is where the student thinks they believe their rewards are given by their decisions. The second type is external locus control. External locus control is where the student thinks that they are rewarded by luck or by chance. Locus control is very important to a success of a student, because it determines how hard a student works. The ten habits of a successful student are extremely important. The first one is getting organized. Getting organized is important, because you need to know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. The second one is do not multitask. Just admit, you are not good at it. When you learn to get organized you can multitask. The third one is…show more content…
The first one is use an agenda or planner. Sometimes we high scholars forget when something is due or when we have homework. Having an agenda can help us get our work done in time. The second one is snacking through the day. Snacking through the day gives your brain fuel to help you focus in class. One thing that you cannot do is snack on sugar, so snack one nutritious foods that have protein in them. Protein keeps your body going throughout the day. The third one is putting your phone away during school hours. Your phone will distract you, so get through your school day without getting distracted by your phone. The fourth one is to take detailed notes in and out of school. When you write down notes you will remember the information better. The last one is to follow directions. Listen to what your teacher directs you to do, not only will you understand things better but you are also showing your teacher respect and that you understand what to
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