What Is Love? Baby, Don 't Hurt Me No More By Trinidadian German Musician Haddaway

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“What is love? Baby, don 't hurt me. Don 't hurt me no more” (Halligan 1993). These well-known lyrics sung by Trinidadian-German musician Haddaway describes a relational situation in which one side of the relationship is hurting the other individual in some way. Humans crave love and affection yet at times this craving can goes as far as becoming infidelity in a committed relationship. Relational maintenance is a major part of a romantic relationship and McCornack (2013) states, “Relational maintenance refers to using communication and supportive behaviors to sustain a desired relationship status and level of satisfaction” (p. 300). However, when one half of the relationship decides that they are unsatisfied in their current relationship the darker side of relationships shows and betrayal and deception can occur. The following will analyze one family from the movie Love Actually (2004) and how self-concept, betrayal, and deception occur in their relationship.
McCornack (2013) describes self-concept as “Your overall perception of who you are. Your self-concept is based on the beliefs, attitudes, and values you have about yourself” (p. 40). In the family consisting of Harry and Karen, self-concept is seen frequently with Karen. Karen is a stay-at-home mother that takes care of their two children, Daisy and Bernie, while Harry works in an office. Karen’s self-concept is seen in how she adores being involved with her children and excelling at being a homemaker and wife. However,
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